(Frequently Asked Questions)

          “Where can I find average costs per square foot of lab renovations, space updates, etc?”
Average costs per square foot for the various job types can be found here or under the Projects tab.

          “How do I get items moved by Facilities?”
Submit a work request to the NCSU Work Center 919-515-2991

For More Moving Services FAQs please see the Moving Services FAQs page.

Paint Shop:
          “Can we paint our own office?”
Office space is considered University property and must comply with University Policies, Regulations & Rules. Painting of office space will be completed by Facilities Paint Shop. To request painting an office, contact your Facilities Liaison to submit a work order.

          “Can we choose any color?”
There is an approved color scheme that can be found on our Paint Shop page. Any of the “Whites & Lights” color selections from Sherwin Williams have been approved for use by the Office of the University Architect.

For More Paint Shop FAQs please see the Paint Shop FAQs page.

Projects Group:
          “How soon will the project be complete? / What is the time frame?”
This depends on the type and size of the project. After a Work Order is submitted the Estimate must be approved, and then work must be scheduled with our shops or a contractor to be completed.

          “What is a Fac Mod? When/Where would you need one?”
Fac Mod is a Facilities Modification Form. See link for more details.

For More Projects Group FAQs please see the Projects Group FAQs page.