FAQ – Moving Services

          “How do I get items moved by Facilities?”
Submit a work request to the NCSU Work Center 919-515-2991

          “What is the process to get items moved?”
A work request is submitted. A Project Manager (PM) meets with the customer. The PM determines the amount of time and labor needed to complete the move. The PM sends an estimate to the customer by email. Once the estimate is approved by the customer, the PM sets a date to complete the move with the customer.

          “Does Facilities move electronics (computers/printers/fax machines/paper shredders)?”
Yes, but Facilities does not remove or re-install any wiring or cables to electronics. A liability waiver will need to be signed by the customer before Facilities can move electronics.

          “Does Facilities move items from one building to another?”
Yes, Facilities has a large box truck to move items.

          “What types of items can Facilities move?”
Facilities can move most items (desks, file cabinets, book shelves, refrigerators) but there is a weight and size limit to what facilities can transport. All items have to be removed from furniture by the customer before Facilities can move to prevent damage to items and furniture. No hazardous materials can be moved by Facilities personnel.

          “What is the hours of operation for moving services by Facilities?”
Facilities operating hours are Mon-Fri from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.