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Johnny Cline Manager

Johnny Cline
919-515-9929 (Office)
919-996-9831 (Cell)

General Description

The Projects Group oversees minor renovation projects, construction projects, and renovations on campus.  This work is performed by skilled trade personnel and prequalified contractors.

All work begins with a work request

  • A work request is appropriate for work to improve your space (painting existing walls, replace existing flooring, maintenance issues, etc.)
  • A Facilities Modification Form is needed for work that will change your space (move/add a door, wall, electrical outlet, etc.)

A Project Manager can assist you with any questions you may have.

Project Managers perform the following functions as the single point of contact for the project duration:

  • Define scope and expectations with the client
  • Prepare necessary drawings and marked up “as built”
  • Perform a hazards check (e.g. lead, asbestos, etc.)
  • Meet all building codes and university guidelines
  • Create the estimate
  • Specify and procure materials
  • Schedule resources
  • Resolve problems
  • Manage the budget
  • Coordinate and manage the on-site work
  • Create punch lists
  • Close out the project
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