ATTA JOB !!! Tony Pennock, Mark Livesay, and Ryan Newman! Thank you to you and your crew – the work done is very good!

ATTA JOB !!! Kalvin Whitaker, Chris Rockvoan, and Brian Tyderek! The three guys that were sent over yesterday did a great job on getting this room painted in one day. I know it was not easy with so much stuff in here. They worked very hard. Thank you so much guys!!!

ATTA JOB !!! Scott Koempel, Pat Cirillo, Derrick, and Tony Branco! I would like to let you know that four members of your staff did an outstanding job a few weeks ago in rearranging furniture in an office in our suite. After briefly explaining what was desired, they quickly began to take action – measuring the furniture, looking at the receptacles locations, ports, etc. and as a result were able to offer various options. Once a decision was made, their teamwork skills immediately took action again, and in a short period of time, our decision was a reality. Allen has received many comments on the office layout. Again, thanks to your team for their great team work!

ATTA JOB !!! Scott Koempel, Derrick Reddish, Pat Cirillo, Tony Branco, Tony Pennock, and Ryan Newman! First, thank you for setting up an estimate visit so quickly, and then sending out the group. I know this is a super busy time of year. Scott was extremely helpful during the estimate visit today, measuring items and making suggestions. He took time to review my diagrams and furniture labels in each room and to understand my request. I really appreciated him explaining how the labor costs were estimated.
When they could come back today I was thrilled! Scott and his crew came in like a stealth operations moving team and made it happen in record time. All I heard was some rumbling upstairs. Everything was placed correctly and with no damage. all provided service above and beyond my expectations for a campus move.

ATTA JOB !!! Tom Moore, James Valentine, Wayne Lynch, Larry Faulkner, Carl White, Randy Deadmond, and Augustin Sabater! Excellent job on project in Tompkins Hall. We wanted to replace and upgrade the lighting in many of the classrooms on the ground and first floor of the building due to feedback from faculty that the existing lighting was less than ideal. The classrooms in Tompkins Hall are used almost without break — in fact, most are booked from 8am to 9pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays; 2pm to 9pm on Wednesdays; and 8am to 3pm on Fridays. This meant that for the shops to do the work, staff came in during weekend hours and got in and out quickly on Wednesday mornings to address punch list issues. As with most projects, this work was done using year-end money, so had to be completed in time.

The team told me early on that they would be able to get the project completed by year-end, despite the tight timeline given the amount of work, and not surprisingly, they came through. In addition, in one room, we were also making technology upgrades requiring your team to coordinate with other outside audio-visual contractors, and the feedback I got from those folks were that they were impressed with the professionalism and quality of work from the NCSU electricians.

I have worked with Wayne, James and Tom on a number of these tight year-end projects of varying sizes over the past few years and have always been impressed with their professionalism and dedication. The university is truly lucky to have guys that care so much about doing a good job.

I know that in working in the service areas of the university, we often only hear about our employees when there is a complaint or problem, which is why I felt it necessary to take the time to highlight the excellent work that these team members provided. Again, they did a great job, and we in CHASS appreciate it.

ATTA JOB !!! Mark Livesay, Scott Koempel, and Tony Branco! They did a wonderful job jumping in and helping rearrange/rebuild office furniture so that my back (and that of my expected new co-worker) is no longer to the door and everything functions much better.

ATTA JOB !!! Annette Snead! Great work and great support to make this happen. Outstanding job.

ATTA JOB !!! Larry Faulkner and Eric Bouwman! Did a great job. They remained courteous and professional with all the interruptions plus completed the work in a timely manner. Thank you again.

ATTA JOB !!! Mike Hodges and Mike Gill! Did a great job. With all the changes and additions during the construction, the area turned out great. The Dean is very happy with the work. They both did a tremendous amount of work even with the all the continuous changes. They cooperated with all parties involved. Thanks Again!

ATTA JOB !!! Pat Cirillo and Derrick Reddish! Wanted to pass along a big kudos to the team you sent out this week for some shuffling of mill work in quick order. As you know things move quickly in the student centers and we are constantly adapting, the quick response and more importantly completion were much appreciated. Pat & Derrick did a fantastic job working along side me asking questions and explaining things so that the end product was one we both were happy with. This is especially noteworthy since we used existing cabinets and moved them to new locations. Additionally, checking in before they left the site to make sure that I was satisfied with the finished product is a nice touch. Thanks again for a job well done.

ATTA JOB !!! Scott Koempel and Tony Branco! I want to do a big ATTA JOB for Scott Koempel and Tony Branco for the great job they did at CVM Terry Center in Room 2353. They removed existing built-in work stations in 2 areas. They re-designed and re-installed them in Room 2353. The work stations look wonderful. I want to thank them for their craftsmanship and their can do attitude.

ATTA JOB !!! The Paint Shop! Your guys did a very nice job with the patch and paint project at Clark.  Thank you for the great service.

ATTA JOB !!! Pat Cirillo and Derrick Reddish! I wanted to shine a little light on the wonderful quality of work your employees give every time our office works with the Carpentry Shop. We were especially pleased with the latest office renovation we had in our department in Nelson. We had 3350 renovated and some reassignment of office spaces throughout our department. With that, we had multiple work order requests and with each one, the crews were quick, asked detailed questions and checked in to make sure the work was done right. Speaking of work done right, a special shout out goes out to Pat and Derrick. I was working closely with Pat and Derrick earlier this week and I wanted to share with you that they are an amazing team and I greatly appreciated their patience with the moving and rearranging of my office layout. They worked extremely well together (as you are probably already aware but I just want to reiterate!). I hope their positive and dedicated work ethic is contagious! Thanks again for such an amazing team.

ATTA JOB !!! Chris Rockvoan and The Paint Crew! Chris Rockvoan was very detail oriented and thorough in ensuring the sanding was done just right on the renovated walls before painting commenced. The crew was super to work with too! Very accommodating and stayed focus on getting the job done well and ahead of schedule! You have a great group of painters! Thanks for everything your team does.

ATTA JOB !!! Scott Koempel and Tony Branco! We had Scott Koempel  and Tony Branco from the cabinets team working in our area on a multi phase project.  Both of these men were outstanding they listen to our concerns offered suggestion to help resolve issue.  In the middle of the project we changed our minds on how we would reinstall and these guys were so helpful and flexible to our needs.  The craftsmanship of their work is excellent.

ATTA JOB !!! Scott Koempel, Derrick Reddish, Tony Branco, Tony Pennock, and Mark Livesay! First time we have used Facilities to move furniture. We usually do it ourselves, but this time I just didn’t feel like it. I made the right choice. The guys were great, in and out quickly. We had a good time with them. Our office will be moving from McKimmon to Hunt Library in the fall. Will not be taking any furniture, but will have plenty of boxes to move. I will be back in touch, and would like to request the same “crew” if possible.

ATTA JOB !!! Rodney Holmes, James Beasley, Ace Young! Just wanted to pass on how much I appreciate Rodney, James and Ace cleaning ceiling tiles in certain areas at EB III this week and last. Certain tiles around vents had become coated with dust and we had tried cleaning them with dusters to no avail. I think someone in the building probably called in for those tiles to be replaced, but they were out there vacuuming the tiles in an effort to not waste new tiles by replacing them. My hats off to those gentlemen for doing a bit extra to ensure everyone was happy! Please pass on to whomever this may concern in the repair and renovation world.

ATTA JOB !!! Derrick Reddish and Pat Cirillo! Came by and hung the TV. Did a great job. Very professional and friendly.

ATTA JOB !!! Tim Dunn, Bobby Ray Smith, James Alexander, Larry Hilliard, Lameik Robertson, Kalvin Whitaker, Ahmed Almaghribi, and Brian Tyderek! The painters have been pleasant and have done a great job. The building looks great. I appreciate their hard work.

ATTA JOB !!! Tim Dunn, Bobby Ray Smith, James Alexander, Larry Hilliard, Lameik Robertson, Kalvin Whitaker, Ahmed Almaghribi, and Brian Tyderek! Just wanted to say how  nice of a job the painters are doing in Kilgore Hall thank you.

ATTA JOB !!! Larry Faulkner and Andy Miller! Larry Faulkner and Andy Miller did the work and deserve the credit for a successful and on time installation. They have done several different and sometimes complicated jobs lately for me, all of them successful with satisfied customers.

ATTA JOB !!! Carl White, Randy Deadmond, James Valentine, and Larry Faulkner! Had to change the complete lighting system and add some outlets during spring break. You did an outstanding job with a quick turnaround. Great work.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Annette Snead, The Paint Shop, and The Construction Shop! Annette – Great work. BIG ATTA JOB – Pant Shop and Construction Shop – Excellent project.

ATTA JOB !!! To: James Valentine, Tim Campbell, Mike Gill, Jimmy Burns, Kaleb Langley, Stanley Allgood, Anthony Strossi, Mike Hodges, Chris Rockvoan, James Alexnder, Larry Hilliard, Kalvin Whitaker, and Donny Jarman! I have received so many compliments on the wonderful job done for Suite 124 in Hillsborough. The project would not have been the success it is if it wasn’t for the great team who accomplished the work. Thank you for your hard work.  I want to especially thank James Valentine. He started this project from the beginning. He found wonderful solutions for the unexpected conditions that always pop up during a renovation. Thanks for a great job everyone. As always, your work made the difference!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Carl White, Randy Deadmond, and Steven Eisenberg! Want to let you know how pleased we are with the work that Carl White and Randy Deadmond have recently completed for us in the Avent Ferry Technology Center. They constructed 2 offices and a small conference room in our cube farm while folks  were still working in the cube farm and we couldn’t be more pleased both with the results as well as the process itself. We were actually dreading all of the noise, dust, etc. from working in the area while construction was in progress but Carl and Randy did a great job of minimizing the impact to our team. I was especially impressed with how quickly they worked and how clean they kept everything at all times.

Steven Eisenberg was also a great project manager — he was patient with us while we changed our minds repeatedly during the design phase and during construction he checked in frequently and kept us up to date on everything.

What could have been a huge headache has instead been a very positive experience for us and I can’t say enough good things about Carl, Randy and Steven.

ATTA JOB !!! To: James Alexander, Bobby Ray Smith, and Larry Hilliard! Did a great job patch and painting the walls at Clark.  They always do a  tip top job  for us and I truly appreciate it.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Annette Snead! Was the Shops project manager and did an outstanding job. The project came in under budget, allowing them to purchase additional casework.

ATTA JOB !!! Mark Rose! Thanks again for helping me with the welding for my project. The guy you sent did a great job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Pat Cirillo, Scott Koempel, and Mark Livesay! Provided excellent and efficient service hanging art in our new office space in the Toxicology building. Were a pleasure to work with on these projects. Attention to detail and professional touches to enhance our vision were greatly appreciated and won’t soon be forgotten. Will consider requesting them specifically for other projects in the future as needs arise.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Ahmed Almaghribi! My office looks wonderful!! Thanks so much for having your guys come out last Friday to patch and paint my room. I can’t even tell the previous employee had shelves up or nails in the wall. I appreciate the excellent work your team did. 🙂

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel and Pat Cirillo! As you know our building had major water damage from last weekend’s hurricane.  I would like to extend my thanks to you and your team for all their efforts in getting our office space dry and back to normal. Scott and Pat were the two people who I saw last Monday to help access the water issues, they were instrumental in getting the fans and dehumidifier units into the offices to begin the drying out process.  Both Scott and Pat were extremely professional.  They always kept me informed with daily progress reports, making sure I knew how the units were performing in the rooms. I commend your office on their professionalism and work ethic, they truly helped us through a very difficult week.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Bud Brannock! Thank you again for providing the Office of Information Technology (OIT) with paint and supplies to advertise our Cyber Security Awareness Month Phishing Fair in the Free Expression Tunnel. The contributions enabled us to reach our student body in an engaging, fun and inexpensive way. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel and Pat Cirillo! Both of these gentlemen provided excellent customer service – we couldn’t be happier and wanted you to know!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Rodney Morton! He did a Great job at Jordan Hall patching three areas of cracking and sinking concrete. This work order came in as an urgent tripping hazard. Rodney pulled up the carpet tiles filled and feathered the uneven floor in a fast and professional manner.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tim Dunn, Bobby Ray Smith, Terry Taylor! Your guys did a great job repainting the blue wall area, you also took the time to have corners and ceiling done over the lecturen area.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mike Ellison! Nice work. Keeping the customer aware of the project and letting them know the status, is something that is truly appreciated.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds! JJ did a great job figuring out and implementing a unique solution.  Thanks to all involved for improving the privacy at the Student Counseling waiting room!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Pat Cirillo, Scott Koempel, and Ahmed Almaghribi! Daniels Hall room 220 Door Removal Project – Pat Cirillo, Scott Koempel of the Carpentry Shop and Ahmed Almaghribi of the Paint Shop did an excellent job on this project. The customer and I were very impressed how great this project turned out.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Jeff Johnson, Kaleb Langley, Tom Perniciaro, and Mark Rose! Great job the facilities guys did in the room. Please make sure that their supervisor knows that they were very prompt and had the job completed as they had stated within the time frame.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel and Tony Branco! Moving file cabinets . . . It was a big, heavy job and even our strongest, youngest professors were having a problem trying to accomplish this.  Our department head had asked that we empty these rooms quickly and we were really in a bind. It means so much that you were willing, ready, and able to help us that way.  I think that should be what it is all about on this campus and if there is ever anything we can do for you, please just ask. Scott and Tony were delightful, hardworking and ready to help.  Not only did I appreciate their work but enjoyed talking with them as they worked. Again, thanks so much for helping us.  We will not forget it. -They were absolutely wonderful.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Lovell Young! Mr. Young was working on the flooring outside my office, and he did a great job, was extremely efficient, and also went to considerable effort not to disturb us with noise, even at the expense of slowing his work. His skill and professionalism are much appreciated.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Terry Taylor! Thank you for the quick response to the patch and paint job at Clark Dining. Terry did a great job as always…. and he requires very little direction form me when he does this work. He already knows the scope of the job and the locations that need attention and he checks to see if there are any other patch paint issues that need attention. Thank you to you and your crew for a job well done. 

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel, Tony Branco, Mark Livesay, CB Banks, and Peter Delucia! I thank and compliment your whole group on the excellent service we have received over the last couple months. We have had many projects going on and The Carpenter shop has provided exceptional custom work in our building. Thank you for the short notice help in the installation of our new Hydraulic Pump Test Station. The Vendor arrived short handed and unprepared. With a phone call to you we had the help needed to get the equipment located and installed with in hours. With no damage and everything moved in less than one day is very impressive. Thanks again to everyone for the outstanding support to the Nuclear Engineering Department. Your “Can Do” group makes an admirable example to the NCSU Wolf Pack Team Spirit here on campus. 

ATTA JOB !!! To: Rich Hassard, John O’Connor, Tony Branco, and Scott Koempel! Big shout out to Richard, John and crew for the expedient repairs at the Mail Room. The Carpentry Shop installed RTP around the walls and metal corner strips to help fortify the Mail Room’s main entrance area. This was all done within 24 hours of the request and most of the material was ‘left overs’ from previous jobs. Quick, efficient, cost effective and courteous! Couldn’t ask for anything more.
Great Job! Big difference and a morale booster.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Pat Ferguson, and Jack Walder! Thank you all for your individual parts in fixing my door problem. Your combined rapid response is very much appreciated.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Cory Wyatt, Steven Bostic, Gary Colson, and Phillip Teachey! What a great job Cory and his crew in the General Shop did in getting the Witherspoon signs installed on the fast track. The signs were one of those last minute critical items that became important with the new passport office in Witherspoon opening for fall classes. Cory was able to meet the deadline of having them installed this week. This really was appreciated not only by us, but for the clients at Witherspoon and Pullen Hall. Thank you. Great job!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel, Mark Livesay, and Tony Branco! How impressed I was with the team that helped us move today.  I would like to commend Scott Koempel, Mark Livesay and Tony Bronco on doing a wonderful job!  They were professional, helpful, efficient and their customer service skills were outstanding.  Even though I added some items to their already full list they did everything with a smile!  We appreciated the job they did today.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Livesay, Scott Koempel, Tony Branco, Rodney Holmes, Tony Pennock, General Shop, Peter Delucia, CB Banks, Rodney Morton! I would like to commend the Project Shop – on helping us move numerous truckloads of furniture and dismantle and clear out all surplus items from the 7 (seven) floors of Poe Hall on Tuesday August 16th, 2016. It was an extremely hot day and the guys toiled endlessly to help me clean up the building. No job was too small or too large, and they all worked ceaselessly. Thank you for helping us out – we really appreciated it.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Pat Cirillo, Tony Pennock, Randal Deadmond, and Carl White! Pat, Tony, Randal and Carl did a fantastic Job. I appreciated their hard work, professionalism and great customer relations during this project. Thanks to you all.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Pat Cirillo, Tony Pennock, Randal Deadmond, and Carl White! Pat, Tony, Randal and Carl did a fantastic Job. I appreciated their hard work, professionalism and great customer relations during this project. Thanks to you all.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Annette Snead, Pat Cirillo, Tony Pennock, Randal Deadmond, and Carl White! Had a great experience with the Project Manager Annette Snead! She is wonderful at keeping us on a deadline and communicating. Pat Cirillo and Tony Pennock were great in finding ways to cut down on the costs for the project. They saved us tons! Randal Deadmond and Carl White communicated when faculty members entered the construction zone and were moving items. It was very important to know because the lab is full of expensive equipment and we do not want want things to go missing. Had a great experience working with everyone!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Steven Eisenberg, Pat Cirillo, Tony Pennock! Thank you very much for all your efforts in remodeling. I particularly want to bring to your attention Mr. Pat Cirillo, (and Mr. Tony Pennock) for their dedication and commitment to doing a fine job. Thanks.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel and Tony Branco! Scott and Tony were great to work with. They arrived quickly and completed the work with professionalism! Just an awesome job!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Bill Moog! Our College enjoys working with William (Bill) Moog. Throughout the years we have had several renovation projects in Poe. Whenever Bill has been assigned to these projects we have a sense of relief because we know that the process will go well and that we will be taken care of. He makes good recommendations and serves as a great liaison between the College and the contractors. In several occasions he has been able to anticipate potential problems and alert the Dean and I. We appreciate that Bill is always available and responds to emails quickly. When issues have come up we know that Bill will find the best way to take care of these. By now he knows Poe Hall so well! We are starting 3 more projects in the Fall and we would like to have Bill assigned to them. As a manager myself, I appreciate that Bill is very respectful, professional and ethical. He also has a high sense of duty and loyalty for this Institution. I have been wanting to send this email for a while now to your respective offices because employees like Bill deserve to be recognized.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Doug Hamilton! Thank you for sending Doug to repair the ceiling tiles that were damaged in our building. He did a great job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Bill Moog and Jeff Luz! “When I work with R&R, they’re quick and I know the work is good. They always go above and beyond.”

ATTA JOB !!! To: Doug Hamilton! I just had a handicap door access repair completed by Doug Hamilton and I wanted to let you know that I was very satisfied with the job. Doug was very personable and totally knew what he was talking about.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Ahmed Almaghribi! Ahmed is Great. He has been so nice and professional. His work is just great. I really Appreciate all he has done and how great it looks. Thank you for having such a Great Painter on your Team.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel and Tony Branco! Thank You So Much – Your Workmen Scott & Tony Rock! Scott & Tony were so helpful, knowledgeable and professional. They did their jobs so well and made it look so easy. They were friendly and answered any question that I had. They made this process go so smoothly and I appreciate them thinking of a way to make the desk safer. Thank you for the support leg for the desk it looks great. Please tell them that I said thank you again and how much I appreciated them and their hard work. And thank you for having such great guys on your team.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Lovell Young, Derrick Reddish, and James Beasley! Just wanted to let you know the guys who are replacing the title floor are doing a great job. With classes, Summer camps and New Student Orientation they are still able to replace the floor. Lovell Young is engaged and working hard.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Ace Young and James Beasley! A big thank you to Ace and James and Brian for going the extra mile and dropping off an extremely heavy cabinet/drawer set for our off campus community counseling clinic for NCSU’s Counselor Education program today. They dropped it off and came back also to move it downstairs and help us rearrange some furniture around it. This extra effort and support was greatly appreciated!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Doug Hamilton! Doug was a delight to work with, he was very respectful and professional and I enjoyed meeting him.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Doug Hamilton! What a great job Doug Hamilton did replacing the tiles on the floor of the elevator in Harris Hall. Doug was friendly and efficient, and I really appreciated how he kept me in the loop about the repair before, during, and after. The old tiles had been coming up and when Doug removed them he found a lot of rust underneath, so the job ended up being bigger than I had realized. Even so, Doug was quick and minimized the disruption for people working in the building. The finished product looks amazing–the tiles are laid evenly and very tightly, and the new material is a big improvement on the old floor. It’s a real upgrade for our building from the 1960s!

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds, James Beasley, Doug Hamilton, and Derrick Reddish! Just wanted to write and let you know what a great job your team did! Each one worked extremely hard to accomplish our move in a timely fashion. Not only that they did it with a smile and a positive attitude! I would like to commend and thank JJ, James Beasley, Doug Hamilton and Derrick Reddish for doing such an outstanding job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel! Just want to keep you posted, and thank you for sending Scott over to help us with taking apart the desk, he is also helping us replace a keyboard tray under a desk for another employee, which he was nice enough to do for us. He has been a big help.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds, Joe Riley, and Rich Hassard! Thanks for the big help on Sunday morning with the call-ins we had. Our first call was at 12:30am for a roof leak at Gardner Hall. After wrapping that up we had another call for a failed domestic water pipe at the Terry Hospital emergency room.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Steven Eisenberg and Mark Krucke! Atta Job to Steven Eisenberg and Mark Krucke for AVC Office.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Steven Eisenberg and R&R Team! Wanted to thank you for your work managing the AVC suite renovation. We are happy with the results. “This project has made a huge, positive difference to the third floor entrance/lobby.” Thanks for such a nice looking project on such a short schedule. I enjoyed working with everyone from Repair and Renovation Services. Your crews were very courteous and worked in way that allowed us to carry on our daily operations. I look forward to working with all of you on many future projects.

ATTA JOB !!! To: James Alexander, Rob Good, Chris Camilleri, Donny Jarman, Luther Bone, Tim Dunn, and Chris Rockvoan! Their attention to detail this last week is really appreciated.

ATTA JOB !!! To: James Beasley and Doug Hamilton! Was asked by the Chancellor’s office to tell you that James and Doug did an excellent job!!!  They have additional moving needed tomorrow morning and have requested if at all possible for them to come back.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tara Williams! Tara did usual awesome job helping with door and lock issue today and we appreciate working with her.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Bobby Ray Smith! I had to pick up a box of laptops which were heavy.  As I got to the elevator, Bobby saw that I was struggling with these laptops.   He kindly offered to take them down to my car for me.  This really touched me by his kindness and willingness to help a fellow co-worker.  I wanted to let you both know what a kind and special person you have working for you.   Bobby represents your department very well, and I am confident that he is an asset to your organization.  I can tell based on our conversation that he is a very dedicated employee.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tim Dunn, Bobby Ray Smith, Larry Hilliard! Would like to thank you for the great attitude presented by your employees: Mr. Tim Dunn, Mr. Bobbie Ray Smith, and Mr. Larry Hilliard.These gentlemen assisted us with moving items and working around our efforts to prepare. They were patient and courteous. They moved items back in place and out of our way so we could begin the process of re-settlement! What an excellent attitude and work ethic!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Kirk Fisher! “Job well done” to Kirk Fisher and his crew. The Soil Science renovation looks great thanks to Kirk and his crew. Everyone worked hard everyday to get these offices complete this fiscal year. Thanks to all!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Doug Lynn! Thanks so much for everything Doug. You and the crew did a wonderful job. The offices look beautiful! Look forward to working with you again Doug.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds! The window looks great! Thanks so much for you help!!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Micah Jasper, Scott Koempel, Tony Branco, Pat Cirrilo, Daniel Herring, Cory Wyatt, Phillip Teachey, Gary Colson, CB Banks, Peter Delucia, Bud Brannock and the Paint Shop! “ATTA JOB” to R&R staff for Bell Tower Plaque Removal

ATTA JOB !!! To: Rob Good and Gregory Prosser! It looks amazing!!! I have already seen more people taking advantage of that space now that is is fresh and cozy.  Your folks did a great job and were in and out in no time.  Thanks for the great customer service.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Steven Eisenberg, Tony Pennock, and Rodney Holmes! Excellent job Tony Pennock, and Rodney Holmes did modifying cabinets that we acquired from a demo that Steven found for us to fit our needs. Great Job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Krucke, Randal Deadmond, Mike Ellison, Andy Miller, Larry Faulkner, Mike Gill, Tim Campbell, Freddy Hernandez, Mike Hodges Jeff Johnson, Ricky Langley, John Jefferds, Phillp Teachdy, Pat Cirillo, Mark Livesay, Scott Koempel, Tony Pennock, Luther Bone, Chris Camilleri, Greg Prosser, Brian Donohoe, Jeff Thomas, John Smith, and Kevin O’Neal! Let me add my thanks and congratulations to all involved… Very smooth process indeed!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Krucke, Randal Deadmond, and Jeff Luz! Tremendous job constructing our new offices. It was a real pleasure working with each person, especially with Mark K., Randall and Jeff. They made my life easy :). They constantly maintained clear lines of communication, had very positive attitudes throughout the entire project, worked tirelessly on this project to get it completed before our furniture arrived, and made sure that we were 100% satisfied throughout the entire process. I wouldn’t want to work with any other team for our next project 🙂 Thanks, again!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel and Sam Curtis! Great job hanging pictures in my office.  They did a fantastic job!  My walls are plaster and cementboard, which I thought was going to be a major issue, but it wasn’t a problem at all for them.  I’m going to need assistance hanging some other pictures in the near future and I hope that I’m able to get their assistance again.  Thank you for sending such a great crew!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Krucke, Randal Deadmond, Mike Ellison, Andy Miller, Larry Faulkner, Mike Gill, Tim Campbell, Freddy Hernandez, Mike Hodges Jeff Johnson, Ricky Langley, John Jefferds, Phillp Teachdy, Pat Cirillo, Mark Livesay, Scott Koempel, Tony Pennock, Luther Bone, Chris Camilleri, Greg Prosser, Brian Donohoe, Jeff Thomas, John Smith, and Kevin O’Neal! The whole team working under Mark’s and my lead, did a great job providing a quality project while keeping it on schedule and in budget. Please let everyone know that I always take great pride in our work. If I forgot anyone I am sorry. Everyone’s help was appreciated.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Jeff Luz! Thank you all for the good work. We really appreciate it. This modification will allow ORIED to consolidate a number of personnel from external locations, saving considerable rent costs.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tony Pennock and Scott Koempel! A great big thank you to Tony & Scott who installed shades. Their work was impeccable, professional and timely. We could not have asked for a better team! Thank you both, you are the best! We are so appreciative of the care and precision that was shown to this project by both of these gentlemen. They are at the top of our list for our next project. Thank you all so much.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Steven Eisenberg! What a difference one person can make. We cannot say thank you enough for all the hard work and commitment Steven Eisenberg has shown for our suite and our needs. He is responsive, on top of every detail, communicative and professional. We are forever grateful for all of his hard work and dedication to our projects and our tenants. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Steven is absolutely wonderful. Our projects would still be waiting were it not for his diligence and efforts. We just can’t say enough good things.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds! Thanks for awesome work being done in Carpentry-Maintenance Shop.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds! Wanted to let you know what a great job John has done cutting the plexi-glass lenses for Kilgore Hall light fixtures. He has cut at least 100 lenses for us and we appreciate it.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Bill Moog, Mike Ellison, Freddy Hernandez, Wayne Lynch, Daniel Herring, Peter Delucia, Gary Colson, Sam Curtis, Rodney Holmes, Scott Koempel, Mark Livesay, Larry Faulkner, Mike Gill, Tim Campbell, Kaleb Langley, Don Iannucci, Mark Krucke! Thank you for all the help you have given us recently – last weekend we had multiple contractors in and were working on various floors all at the same time. Everything went extremely smoothly. A big thank you to all the shops for this co-ordinated effort. We really appreciate it.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Pat Cirillo, Mark Livesay, and Brian Donohoe! Seven oak doors were going to be demoed and thrown away. We decided to reuse the old painted doors. Pat, Mark, and Brian worked together to modify and re-key the doors. They now enhance the appearance of another suite. Great work by all.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tony Branco! Fixed ceiling in my office. Did an excellent job taking care of the area that had been affected by roof leak (which was the requested work). He noticed another area sagging due to improper support and fixed it as well. That kind of concern and pride in one’s work is all too rare today.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Doug Lynn and the Carpentry-Maintenance Shop! Thank you for the crew and their great job. I truly appreciate all of the help and support.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds, James Beasley, and Doug Hamilton! Recently new curtains were installed for the warehouse receiving door. Job was performed quick and efficiently and they look great! Awesome job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Chris Wolfgang, Steven Bostic, Gary Colson, Daniel Herring, Mark Rose, Alex Brininger, Ben Smith, and Lacie Hack!  I would like to give a huge ATTA JOB for the Gardner Hall Roof Prep Project. This project presented many challenges that were once again taken in stride and handled in the utmost professional manner. It is huge relief heading into projects like these knowing that we have a competent team that will get the job done and done right. Hats off to you all and thank you very much for your efforts and work ethic.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Josh Bunner and John Jefferds!  I really appreciate the time Josh Bunner took to keep me updated on the project, answered my many questions, and truly listened to my concerns about the shelves supporting heavy weight. Jay-Jay and the rest of the crew did an excellent job as well. The new shelves match the existing ones perfectly and were mounted to the requested height specifications. Huge thanks for creating some additional storage capacity for us that we don’t have to worry about falling down again! Nice!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tony Pennock and Scott Koempel! I appreciated the quality of work the carpenter shop did on the sound booth install for D.H. Hill a few weeks ago.   Tony and Scott were both easy to work with and very accommodating with any issue we brought up.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mike Gill and Tom Perniciaro! A big thank you for the job installing wire mold to the walls in Poe Hall Room 104. This was a job that the customer wanted done in an expeditious manner, and actually took place with students in the room. Both the customer and students were elated to have power for their computers and equipment.   Thank you for a great job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Gary Colson! An R&R job well done by Gary from the General Shop working on an entrance way at Mann Hall. Great workmanship. Praised by one of the professors on the floor he is working on.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Kalvin Whitaker and Chris Camilleri! Awesome paint job. Many thanks. Answered all questions and listened patiently to ideas. Left the room clean and orderly! Many thanks to all involved.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tony Pennock and Scott Koempel! Thanks for letting your guys help us out and move the white board from Partners I to Research IV. Thanks for your willingness to help us out!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Bud Brannock! Bud came out over the weekend to respond quickly and work to remove graffiti. I appreciate his sense of urgency in helping to clear that up. Wanted to be sure his work was noted and appreciated. Bud is always willing to help and his support and expertise are appreciated. Thanks.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Sam Curtis and Scott Koempel! Pleased with projects done. Pieces turned out great, finish time was very quick, workmanship was fantastic and exactly to requested specifications.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Roxane Waller! Thank you for all you do! I appreciate receiving the information!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Anthony Strossi and Freddy Hernandez! Found to be professional, courteous, and conscientious, always pleasant, went out of way to make sure my questions and concerns were addressed, left work space clean and office spotless, communicated perfectly so status was always known.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Jeff Thomas, Maynard Pilley, James Burns, Ralph Matthews, James Valentine! We wanted to thank Jeff Thomas and Maynard Pilley for the automatic door openers and all the work they put in to it. Great job as always! Big thanks to James Burns, Ralph Matthews, and James Valentine for all the work, and their patience with our difficult requirements, in getting our automatic door openers operational. Great job, as always, gentlemen!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Livesay, Scott Keompel! I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that Mark Livesay and Scott Koempel have done an awesome job over these last two days with the wall repair and wood replacement work up here on the 3rd floor of Poulton.  As you know, we make it a difficult work environment (no pictures, people following them around) and we’re really pleased with what they did and how they went about doing it.

ATTA JOB !!! To: FCAP Utilities Inspection Team! I would like to thank your team for being able to bring an idea to life. They were able to sit down with me and work through what was needed to begin the paving model for our department. They have also been willing to educate me on how to create, maintain, and edit this map for future use. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and time. I look forward to partnering with your team again.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Bill Moog, General, Paint, Carpentry Project, & Construction Shops! “Great team effort and great job on bathroom renovation project at Nelson Hall. I just saw the photos of the work and would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for your leadership and the great teamwork that you inspired to bring about a tremendous result. The project hits the highest marks for cost estimating and cost control, schedule and quality, all while maintaining a safe environment for your team and the building occupants.
In addition to all of these important factors, you also worked with the sustainability team to incorporate as many sustainable elements as possible including not only long term water and energy conservation but the short term benefits of air quality, dust control and utilization of local products.
Great job Bill! I realize it takes many hands to build a successful project but nothing is possible without effective leadership and for this I thank you.”

ATTA JOB !!! To: Terry Taylor, James Alexander, Gregory Prosser, Chris Camilleri, Tim Dunn, Roy Rogers! Your team did an awesome job at Page Hall. They were professional and pleasant to do business with. Please let them know how happy we are with their work. Thanks for all your help. 🙂

ATTA JOB !!! To: Steven Bostic, Rodney Morton, Daniel Herring! Thank you for doing a great job and fixing the drainage for our sidewalk here at Burlington

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Shoe! We worked with Mark to fix the problem with the one Powersol at Tucker Hall. He is fantastic!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Gary Colson! Great Job re-grouting the front entrance to Holladay Hall

ATTA JOB !!! To: Annette Snead, Pat Cirillo, Sam Curtis, Scott Koempel, Mark Livesay, Donnie Thompkins, Jeff Johnson, Donnie Jarman, Kelvin Whitaker, Chris Camilleri! Thanks for all the help with everything that you have done at the Swine Center. The classroom looks better than it ever has

ATTA JOB !!! To: Johnny Cline and Steven Eisenberg! You guys did a great job, were flexible, adaptable and hung in there for the duration. Thanks again for all your efforts. You guys are awesome.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Jack Walder and Tara Williams! Thank you for your assistance this morning.  We did not have an after hours number for lock shops but we were able to find your number on your website which is very rare but we are grateful we found it.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel! He had to take used carpet and cut and fit it into these two rooms. The end result was great. It looked like a new installation. Thank you for a great job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Bill Moog, Mike Gill, Mike Ellison, Rodney Holmes, Freddy Hernandez, and Luther Bone! I had a chance to do a walk through today and everything looks great. I truly appreciate the hard work of you and your team.

ATTA JOB !!! To: The Carpentry Maintenance Shop! Thank you to you and your crew. They have been a tremendous help to us during all of the upheaval at the Alumni Center due to the HVAC work. Please let them all know we greatly appreciate their attitude and helpfulness over the last two months. They are a great group of guys!

ATTA JOB !!! To: The R&R Construction Shop! I would like to extend appreciation to the R&R construction shop for completing the installation is such a timely and professional manner.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Pat Cirillo, Scott Koempel, Ahmed Almaghribi, The Paint Shop, The Construction Shop, and The Carpentry-Projects Shop! We were given a big project in a short amount of time. Everyone worked around other projects and still had it done before the deadline. Thanks again for the great job everybody!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel and Pat Cirillo! They did a great job! They got it done in a very timely manner and put a lot of smiles on a lot faces…great guys!!! Our thanks to you and them for a pleasant “facilities” experience!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Chris Rockvoan and Cody Moore! Your guys did a great job – I really appreciate it!

ATTA JOB !!! To: The Paint Shop! The guys did a wonderful job on reglazing my windows in 310 and 312 Polk.  Thanks!!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Luther Bone, Cody Moore, and Gregory Prosser! The painters are outstanding, they are great workers, wonderful first impressions, very polite, great work ethic, work great as a team, don’t even know they are here. Grateful for outstanding job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tony Pennock, Samuel Curtis, and Rodney Holmes! A big thank you for installing the fire caulk into the ceiling and walls. This was a very hard and tedious project that took hours standing on ladders to complete. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Luther Bone! Luther came in on Sunday morning to paint the white back ground on the wall outside the Free Expression Tunnel – Thanks!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Livesay, Tony Pennock, Scott Koempel, Pat Cirillo, Steven Bostic, Daniel Herring, and Rodney Morton! The team was the talk of the department. Kudos for such a quick and great job!

ATTA JOB !!! To: James Beasley and David Hogg! Did a great job! Really worked with me on following my requests and helped me make the most of space in storage room. Also helped repair a broken chair that was thought to be no longer usable. Whole job was quick and efficient.

ATTA JOB !!! To: R&R Paint Shop! New paint on bench posts between DH Hill and Scott Hall looks great! New paint makes the whole area look much better.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Smith! Thanks to John for help in updating Student Health signs. He has helped several times in the past year and has been friendly, informational, easy to work with, and completed signs in a timely manner.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Carpentry Maintenance Shop, Carpentry Projects Shop, and Construction Shop! You guys ROCK!!!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tara Williams and the Lock Shop! Tara went above and beyond ensuring that all requests were met for a smooth transition during a couple of hectic days changing out the cores. I really appreciated Tara’s help. I also would like to say thank you to the other lock shop personnel that worked on the project. The opportunity to eliminate ghost keys made the project worthwhile. Job Well Done!!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tara Williams! Great job on the Schaub re-keying project. She just about single handedly re-keyed Schaub, cut the majority of keys, documented and worked closely with Karl Hendrick to make sure that all of his keying requirements were met and that he was completely satisfied.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Alex Brininger, Lacie Hack and Sean Kennedy !!! They did a phenomenal job on their work at Partners I. They were tenacious about staying on top of the issues identified and communicating clearly. They took photos and documented the conditions so that follow up can be completed. They worked well with the tenants, were respectful and are great stewards of states assets.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tony Branco !!! Great job on working to cut and replace tiles in Partners I. Tony was professional and courteous. He efficiently completed his work and communicated about the work. He even had a handheld vacuum that he used to clean up around the area – didn’t leave it to the housekeepers to clean up.

ATTA JOB !!! To: The Paint Shop!!! Staff was always mindful of our concerns, and moved items quickly when asked prior to our graduation reception.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Ahmed Almaghribi !!! Our newly patched and painted office in FYC Commons looks great.

ATTA JOB !!! To: The General Shop!!! Great job at Reynolds Coliseum. The team did an outstanding job and the bosses were very pleased with all of your work.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Graham Drewes and Maynard Pilley !!! Great job installing locks in an office. Very professional, great job, and everything looks nice and clean.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Scott Koempel and Tony Pennock. Your work on the custom crafted cabinets from my extra material are beautiful and your workmanship is phenomenal.

ATTA JOB !!! To: James Beasley, Tony Branco, Derrek Reddish and John Jefferds. Big thanks to these guys for their awesome job moving heavy furniture from Harrelson to Witherspoon. When they discovered the elevator was down they took initiative to go ahead and move the items up 3 floors instead of waiting for the elevator to be repaired.

ATTA JOB !!! To: The Lock Shop. The Lock Shop was asked for 50 keys and got them to their clients in a day. Awesome job!!

ATTA JOB !!! To: George Harris, Mark Shoe, CB Banks and Pete Delucia. Great job on the installation of the newspaper boxes. Every time you all have installed them, the work has been done immediately and perfectly.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tom Moore, Wayne Lynch, Carl White, Freddie Hernandez, Kevin Parks, LArry Faulkner, Randy Dreadmond, Mark Krucke and Thomas Perniciaro. Excellent work! The faculty and staff were thrilled with the job and everyone comments on how well the space was done.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mike Ellison, Dennis Johnson and the Construction Shop. Great job on the electrical work, and for completing the job on such a tight schedule. Special thanks the above listed men for coming in early on a Monday morning to finish the work before the electrical installation and inspection.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Annette Snead. Great job getting all of the items together in order to complete an inspection when needed.

ATTA JOB !!! To: The Paint Shop. Great job on your work in all of the Nelson Hall offices and suites. Awesome job, and big thanks for your coordinating efforts and for completing the project so quickly.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Sam Curtis, Tony Pennock, Chris Rockvoan, and General Shop, Paint Shop, Carpentry Projects Shop, and Construction Shop. Awesome job on renovating the restrooms in Nelson Hall. Also big thanks for completing the punch list in a timely manner so we could open the restrooms in time for graduation. Great work!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Roxane Waller. Big thank you for all the contact. Your office gets my vote for Most Prompt Customer Service at NC State!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Jeff Johnson, James Valentine, Mike Ellison, Wayne Lynch, Kevin Ingalls, David Hatch, and Rebecca Echerd. A big thank you for input and help in putting together the Construction Shop and BM&O Standards.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Kevin Park and Don Iannucci. Awesome job by Kevin and Don today.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Steven Eisenberg. FANTASTIC job and we appreciate it so much! Your attention to detail, customer service, timely communication, follow through and overall professional demeanor are exceptional. It is great having you as one of our campus partners. Keep up the good work! Thank you for all you do!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Jody Strickland and Mark Rose. Routinely do a fantastic job at Equine and Farm Animal Center. Provide most positive experiences I can recall: quick response to requests, fabricate effective solutions in a timely manner, and keep customer informed every step of the way. Projects always turn out great. We certainly appreciate their efforts.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Krucke and Thomas Perniciaro. Thanks for a job well done. Faculty and Staff appreciated hard work, coming in early, and keeping the noise and disruption to a bare minimum. Awesome job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Ahmed Almaghribi, Luther Bone, Chris Camilleri, Donny Jarmon, Paul Keyser, Terry Moore, Chris Rockvoan, Kalvin Whitaker, Sam Curtis, and Tony Pennock. Thanks for a great job. I had many compliments on the work and professionalism of each crew member. The customer is very happy with the results.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Chris Rockvoan and Ahmed Almaghribi. Thanks for the quick response during this busy period for some unplanned patching and painting. This enabled us to close out a project and make a customer very happy.

ATTA JOB !!! To: R&R Website Team. I just stumbled onto the R&R website and wanted to let you know how much I like it – it is great having all the shops broken out and even nicer having each employee’s name and picture featured. I’m not always the best at remembering names so this will be really helpful for me. Thank you for putting all the effort into it, it’s gone into my bookmarks and will be a page to which I refer on a regular basis.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Rose, Jody Strickland, and Chris Wolfgang. The guy’s in the Welding shop are awesome, true workmanship (Mark and Jody). They have helped me so much. And let’s not forget Chris Wolfgang, always there to help me with anything and everything.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Jeff Luz. Success! Thanks for all you did on this.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Chris Camilleri, Kalvin Whitaker, Ahmed Almaghribi. Kudos to your team of painters on a job well done in painting my office today. I was able to move back into my office just a little after lunch and continue my work productivity.  The painters were very professional, efficient and kind.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds. JJ did a phenomenal job putting Pullen Hall back together over these last few weeks – he was incredibly skilled, worked quickly and efficiently, was very professional and always had a smile on his face. Multiple staff members have asked me to let you know how much of a help JJ was to us and how friendly and personable he was. We have thanked him profusely and hope he knows how much we appreciate him.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Smith. Thanks for the excellent work you and your shop did on the lobby sign for Holladay Hall.  We have received only positive comments on it and all say it looks great.Thank you for your work

ATTA JOB !!! To: Bud Brannock, Tim Dunn, Bobby Ray Smith, Terry Taylor, Paul Keyser, and Daniel Braulio. Thank you for all your help with planning and scheduling the painting of our hallways – 6th floor Jordan Hall.  Tim, Bobby, Terry, Paul and Daniel did a great job painting and the hallways look fantastic!  I know our project was a little overwhelming and we had some odd requests, but your team of painters did the job with a smile on their face and they did an exceptional job. It has been a pleasure working with you and your crew during this project and we are very happy with the results!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Sam Curtis and Tony Pennock. Sam and Tony did a bang up job hanging the new poster holders. Quick and accurate. They did a nice job. Thank you.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Rebecca Echerd and Derek Kristeller. Excellent Job! I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Rebecca Echerd, and Derek Kristeller for a fantastic job with the design and development of our new on line key request system. As we roll out the new process we will be playing an important role with our initiative of going green and our sustainability goals. Thanks again…

ATTA JOB !!! To: Team Broughton. Thanks to everyone who worked on the first floor of Broughton Hall. We have been given high praises for the past work and for this project. Thanks to the Carpentry Projects, Carpentry, Construction, General and especially the Paint Shop. We were able to complete the work as scheduled.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Pat Cirillo, Steve Koleno, Mark Livesay, Jeff Johnson, Kevin Park, Mike Hodges, Jimmy Burns, Freddy Hernandez, Graham Drewes, and Chris Rockvoan. Thanks to all the team members for the Renovation of Rooms 3203 & 3205 in Gardner Hall. It turned out fantastic and the client was happy with the work. The suggestions to make this project better were appreciated and made the difference in the end. I especially want to thank those mentioned for the “extra mile” in making this renovation successful.

ATTA JOB !!! To: The Repair and Renovation Folks. Tons of reports from the field on the amazing work being done by the R&R folks. You can’t know how much this is appreciated and the impressive impact it is making on getting the campus up and running.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John O’Connor, Rodney Holmes, Mak Livesay, Sam Curtis, Tony Pennock, and Steven Bostic. Thanks and appreciation to the employees who came in February 21st. They battled frigid air temperatures to respond to a flood at Dabney Hall around 10pm Saturday night. They stabilized the area, set up fans and dehumidifiers as well as removed ceiling tiles. They finished up around 5am Sunday morning. Their ownership and dedication makes me proud to work here at NCSU. Thanks for all that you do.

ATTA JOB !!! To: David Hogg and James Beasley. For going above and beyond normal estimated times of response to assist us in moving furniture and boxes into another office. Both gentlemen (were) very friendly, FAST, courteous and most of all PROFESSIONAL. They were willing to help and I am very thankful because this allowed us to get back to business quicker than we expected.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Joe Riley, Joe Hill, Alex Brininger, and the Roofing Team. Excellent job in correcting water issue at Jordan Hall addition. This issue has been a problem for many years and never found until now. Thanks – Good job to all.

ATTA JOB !!! To: James Beasley. Awesome job done on Saturday 2/14/15 at EBII PCJ. His promptness to the water call along with his positive attitude and knowledge lessened the stress of this event along with correcting the problem not only for me but for the customers too.

Jim Simple came to the site and was impressed by James and how he had already begun drilling holes and performing other important tasks before Jim had arrived.

It’s great to be part of such an amazing TEAM!

Many thanks to James for making my job as the On Call Administrator so much easier!!!

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mike Gill, James Cooper, Freddie Hernandez, Jimmy Burns, CB Banks, and Peter Delucia. “Great job” to the electrical team for the electrical work at the College of Textiles, Room 3438. Even with all the time restraints for the room, the work was done on schedule. Team work is what made the project successful.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Jimmy Burns and Freddie Hernandez. They did a great job installing the required GFIs, labeling receptacles, and repairing as needed to bring the building to NC State Standards.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Tom Moore. This small project is coming together despite the short construction timeline of less than 2 months and on top of that many unexpected hurdles along the way. I give full credit to Tom Moore and Jonathan (R/DA) for working hard and superbly well together, and for going beyond their call of duties to accommodate our campus customer’s changing needs.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Graham Drewes. Thank you to Graham for his quick response and professional repair of this Schlage mortise lock. Thanks again for all that you and the Lock Shop do for Hunt Library!

ATTA JOB !!! To: John O’Connor, Lee Barefoot, and Mark Livesay – John OConnor and his team have really gone out of their way to go above our expectations.  John, Lee Barefoot and Mark Livesay helped us with some recent additions to the cabinets in the Emergency Response Vehicle and we couldn’t be more pleased.  The additional storage space exceeded our expectations and the work was done very quickly to avoid unnecessary down-time for the vehicle. These guys really came through for us.

ATTA JOB !!! To:
Carpentry Shop: Anthony Pennock, Mark Livesay, Pat Cirillo, Steve Koleno

Construction Shop: Mike Ellison, Andy Miller, Mike Gill, Jeff Johnson, Kevin Park
Paint / Sign Shop: Donnie Jarmin, John Smith, Kevin O`Neal
Lock Shop: Graham Drewes
Thanks to the shops for handling of this project. It was a scheduling nightmare, but the shops all pulled together to make the project a success. We removed doors / installed new doors / built a wall with sound batten insulation / installed new LED lights and white noise machines / reconfigured the HVAC and moved thermostats / installed new ceiling tile / patched and painted both rooms / installed new room signage / installed new lock cores. If I missed anyone`s name, I`m sorry. The customer is very happy with the end result.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Luther Bone and Gregory Prosser – The guys are doing a great job on the trim painting and caulking job. Looks great and they have worked around the students with out issue.

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds, James Beasley, Tony Branco – They checked in with us before they started the work, gave us a time frame on when the work would be completed and they actually completed the work and offered more help in less time then they quoted.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Freddy Hernandez and Jimmy Burns who received thanks for craftsmanship and professionalism exhibited at recent Public Safety project. Only heard praises about neatness, efficiency, and attention to detail. They represented Repair and Renovation very well.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Rose, Daniel Herring, CB Banks, George R. Harris, and Pete Delucia who received a big thank you and appreciation for making the giant freezer move happen on such short notice. 

ATTA JOB !!! To: John Jefferds, David Hogg, and James Beasley who received appreciation for assistance on WO 15-37116 and assigning it so close to the holiday break. These gentlemen saved the day by moving some heavy office furniture and kept everything in excellent condition. Allowing everything to be in place for a 1/5/15 new hire.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Annette Snead and team for help with modifications to Room 103. You were consistently flexible and worked with us through changes in plans.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Team Broughton – Every Repair and Renovation Shop – Carpentry, Carpentry Projects, Paint and Sign, General, Roof, Construction, and Lock. Total team effort. Everybody worked together and kept everybody informed. Your efforts made this happen. Extra Atta Job to Carpentry Projects, Paint, and Roofing Shops who were there from the beginning. Thanks for the Great Job each one did.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Mark Livesay and Tony Pennock. Thanks for the professional work of such high quality. Particularly the competence and warm attitude of Mark and Tony who did the job.

ATTA JOB !!! To: Jeff Luz, Wayne Lynch, Bud Brannock, Chris Wolfgang, Mike Hodges, Kevin Parks, Jeff Johnson, Don Iannucci, Greg Penland, John Dubois, Tim Campbell, Freddy Hernadez, Carl White, Mike Gill, Andy Miller, Larry Faulkner, Jimmy Burns, Ralph Matthews, Dennis Johnson, Tom Perniciaro, James Valentine, Donny Jarmon, Tim Wiley, Chris Camilleri, Tony Fowler, Kalvin Whitaker, Paul Keyser, Steven Bostic, Cory Wyatt, Josh Pipkin, Rodney Morton – Thanks to everyone for taking such pride in all of your work. My job is always easier with use of the R&R construction teams. Looks amazing. Exemplary job (as usual!) Kept to a very tight schedule, communicated clearly as needed, and did an overall excellent job. Labs look phenomenal!

ATTA JOB !!! To John Jefferds who did a quick and efficient job. Appreciate the pleasant and professional staff that do a great job.

ATTA JOB !!! To Rodney Holmes, Sam Curtis, Tony Pennock and Mark Livesay: Great job on the up and coming Key room at Broughton. Hung the doors. Moved in all the work benches and cabinets and made them fit – like a glove.

ATTA JOB !!! To George R. Harris and CB Banks who did such a nice, precise banner installation for the exhibit.

ATTA JOB !!! To Donald Iannucci: Everything has gone well, and we are well pleased with the results so far, particularly Don Ianucci. Don did the HVAC work that was needed as quickly as possible. He was fast, efficient, and friendly. He clearly knows what he is doing and enjoys his work. We are all lucky to have Don around.

ATTA JOB !!! To Jeff Luz and Team: Wayne Lynch, James Valentine, Carl White, Kevin Park, Mike Hodges, Jimmy Burns, Dennis Johnson, Larry Faulkner, Jeff Johnson, Don Iannucci, Greg Penland, John Dubois, Tom Perniciaro, Tim Campbell, Phillip Teachey. All of your staff and other outside contractors did an amazing job on transforming our dining room into a modern but comfortable space for our members to enjoy. Your team was very flexible and always conducted themselves in a very professional manner. The daily updates were appreciated. Kudos, and great job! You kept it all together and handled it smoothly.

ATTA JOB !!! To Jeff Luz. What a transformation! You did a great job on this project.

ATTA JOB !!! To Jeff Luz and Team. Thanks to the team for all of the meticulous work in completing the project. It was a good example of collaboration between groups.

ATTA JOB !!! To Jeff Luz. Nice touch.

ATTA JOB !!! To Jeff Luz. Congratulations on a job well done!!

ATTA JOB !!! To Jeff Luz and Staff. This project is the showcase we had hoped for. Well done. I look forward to working again with you.

ATTA JOB !!! To Jeff Luz. A pleasure to work with and did a great job!

ATTA JOB !!! To Joe Riley who was able to move the Reseach IV: fire glass wall warranty project along that hit a block wall. He was able to get in touch with right people and make project happen. Thankful for help.

ATTA JOB !!! To Greg Penland for good work at Burlington Lab Room B 203. Very nice, clean, and professional job well done.

ATTA JOB !!! To Micah Jasper! Thanks for the comprehensive update and all efforts to have multitude of issues addressed. All improvements and pending long term plans to take care of repeated issues is very much appreciated. / Thanks for heading up and solving many problems. Tenacity and working with so many people to bring about a very good result is appreciated.

ATTA JOB !!! To Kevin Park and Don Iannucci who stepped up and said they could do work for a rush plumbing job at Headhouse 4 Bldg that needed to be done immediately. They Acquired parts and completed the job in record time. Thanks to them we have a very happy customer. Great job!

ATTA JOB !!! To James Beasley for prompt, friendly, and professional service. James was great and did an excellent job.

ATTA JOB !!! To James Beasley who did a great job putting up a cabinet. He was friendly and asked for customer input to make sure job was done correctly.

ATTA JOB !!! To Terry Taylor and Ahmed Almaghribi for awesome work and professionalism. They worked well together and left suite clean each day and when painting was complete. They are great employees who do outstanding work for NC State University.

ATTA JOB !!! To Terry Taylor and Ahmed Almaghribi for courteous, friendly, and conscientious good work at the College of Textiles while sanding wall paper glue, skimming, and painting the entire suite. Terry and Ahmed were overheard talking about wanting to do the job right so it would look good in the end. And it does! Customer is very satisfied with their attitude and the work they did.

ATTA JOB !!! To Tony Branco for hanging numerous wall plaques for the new CVM Associate Dean. Tony had good insight and it looks great!

ATTA JOB !!! To The Waterproofing/Roofing Shop! -Joe Hill, Alex Brininger, Thomas Wooten, Matthew Perrine, Dan Kittrell, Sean Kennedy, Richard Chavis, Scott Racine, Ralph Smith, Benjamin Smith, and Lacie Hack. On several instances the warranty group has called on the W/R shop to assist with warranty issues. They have always been front and center and found time on their busiest days to assist. All they do is appreciated and their efforts and professionalism are valued.

ATTA JOB !!! To Mark Livesay for adjusting many doors in the Biological Research Facility with commitment to making them work properly and keeping customer posted on status. Level of service was really appreciated!

ATTA JOB !!! To Pat Ferguson! Thank you for your two years of service as Chairperson for the Facilities Safety Committee!

ATTA JOB !!! To Joshua Bunner! Thank you for serving as our Safety Committee Member this year!

ATTA JOB !!! To Rodney Holmes! Thank you for serving as our Safety Committee Member this year!

ATTA JOB !!! To Pat Cirillo and Steve Koleno for repairing the ceiling in Patterson Hall, Room 5.  They were professional, prompt, capable, and kind. They kept customer updated and worked safely and carefully. Provided a job well done!

ATTA JOB !!! To Pat Cirillo and Steve Koleno for exceptional work in Patterson Hall, Suite 5 with a high level of professionalism, making sure to tell customer each step that would be taken. Completed work and left the office well vacuumed with no trace of work debris. Much appreciated work ethic and positive attitude.

ATTA JOB !!! To Tony Branco who installed keyboard trays from boxes that were a total jumbled chaos. Tony was very patient and accommodating and friendly.

ATTA JOB !!! To Tony Branco for his service in a lab located in the MRC Building. Great job!

ATTA JOB !!! To Bud Brannock! His work has been highly appreciated and has received great feedback from the tennants at Research IV.

ATTA JOB !!! To John Jefferds for his outstanding job repairing the glass vent pipes at Biltmore.

ATTA JOB !!! To John Jefferds and David Hogg for their great job re-configuring a room divider at the Friday Institute, and being a pleasure to work with.

ATTA JOB !!! To C.B. Banks, George R. Harris, and Peter Delucia for their fantastic job on the Bovine Hospital Pen. 

ATTA JOB !!! To Jody Strickland and Mark Rose for responding immediately and welding a broken pin at the Vet School Compactor. 

ATTA JOB !!! To Joe Riley for the outstanding job he did covering for Kevin Ingalls while he was gone. Joe responded to high priority projects during a very busy and challenging week. He has always been a very reliable and productive member of the team.

ATTA JOB !!! To Steven Eisenberg and Rebecca Echerd for their professional attitudes and always having a keen attention to detail.

ATTA JOB !!! To Chris Rockvoan for running the Paint/Sign shop while Bud Brannock was away on vacation. Chris kept the workflow steady and everyone informed during Bud’s absence. He did a terrific job!

ATTA JOB !!! To Annette Snead, Andrew Miller, Mike Ellison, Larry Faulkner, Ralph Matthews, James Beasley, David Hogg, Rodney Holmes, Anthony Pennock, and Terry Taylor for their great work at Jordan Hall, making things go much smoother than anticipated. 

ATTA JOB !!! To Jody Strickland and Mark Rose for thinking outside of the box to repair the Fuel Master Key post at the automated car wash that was backed into. Now “Clean Sweep Week” can begin Monday as originally planned. 

ATTA JOB !!! To Jody Strickland and Mark Rose for their great fabrication work done at WRR, including; dumpster repairs, salt spreader repairs, custom cage installs, trucks and a backhoe bucket repair.

ATTA JOB !!! To Annette Snead, Bud Brannock, John Scott, Robert Good, and Paul Keyser, for renovating the new Dean’s Office and Conference Room in a short period of time.

ATTA JOB !!! To Andrew Miller, Mike Ellison, Jeff Johnson, Wayne Lynch, James Burns, Larry Faulkner, Kevin Park, Tony Fowler, Mike Hodges, Carl White, James Valentine, Freddy Hernandez, Gene Copley, and Derek Kristeller for their contribution and support in renovating three labs in Williams Hall.

ATTA JOB !!! To Tom Moore, Freddy Hernandez, Mark Krucke, and Johnny Jenson for their excellent work on two separate projects in Caldwell Hall.

ATTA JOB !!! To Sam Curtis, Rodney Holmes, and Tony Pennock for their great job building the inventory staging cabinet for the lock shop.

ATTA JOB !!! To Bobby Ray Smith and James Alexander for their quality work and great clean up job while painting rooms MN 202 and MN 203.

ATTA JOB !!! To Rich Hassard, Kevin Ingalls, Micah Jasper, Rodney Holmes, Mark Livesay, Sam Curtis, and C.B. Banks for their great help with Habitat for Humanity. 

ATTA JOB !!! To Chris Camilleri, Chris Rockvoan, Donny Jarman, and Paul Keyser for their attention to detail and minimal disruption to work flow while completing a painting project in the 1021 building. 

ATTA JOB !!! To Stacy Duperry, Paul Keyser, and Ahmed Almaghribi for their quality work and cooperation while working on a painting project at the medical clinics.

ATTA JOB !!! To Stacy Duperry, Paul Keyser, and Ahmed Almaghribi for their excellent work on the painting project at the Student Health Center. 

ATTA JOB !!! To Jeff Johnson and Carl White who worked on the plumbing project at Gardner Hall. 

ATTA JOB !!!  To James Beasley for being a real trooper while replacing the broken bar in the removable wall at the Arboretum.

ATTA JOB !!!  To Tara Williams prompt response to unclogging the door lock to the Bell Tower Memorial Room for Dr. Stafford’s Tour.
6/3/2014 ATTA JOB !!! To Pat Cirillo, Carpentry Projects, Mike Gill, Jackie Riley, Kevin Park, Donald Iannucci & Antony Richardson for the great job they did on the Winston Hall Demo Project.

ATTA JOB !!!  To Chris Camilleri & Bobby Ray Smith for the great paint job they did in Mann Hall, Room 202.

ATTA JOB !!!  To Tony Branco for the great work he did building the shelves for the Onboarding Center.

ATTA JOB !!! To Donald Iannucci, James Valentine, Greg Penland, Mike Gill, Antony Richardson, Jimmy Burns & Carl White for doing their job at the Crop Science Lab in a personable, cheerful and professional manner.

ATTA JOB !!!  To Chris Wolfgang for the excellent fabrication of a special lock mount needed for a custom installation at Hunt Library.

ATTA JOB !!!  To Tara Willams for the great job she did running the Lock Shop for the week that Jack Walder was out.  Everything ran smooth and she handled the incoming jobs and scheduling well on top of her projects and duties.

ATTA JOB !!! To Bill Moog, Kalvin Whitaker, Donny Jarman, Tony Fowler, Chris Camilleri, Chris Rockvoan, Michael McGovern & Timothy Wiley for the professional, efficient, accommodating, & responsive job that was done  in Patterson Hall, 3rd Floor.

ATTA JOB !!! To Doug Lynn, Bobby Ray Smith, Kalvin Whitaker, Tim Dunn, Stacey Duperry, Tony Fowler, Ahmed Almaghribi, Michael McGovern & Paul Keyser for the great job that was done in Holladay Hall, Room 203.

ATTA JOB !!!  To Kevin Park & Mike Hodges for being diligent to the job and ensuring the customers confidence for the Inwood Road HVAC Job. 

ATTA JOB !!!  To Phillip Teachey for the A+ workmanship that was done on the floor tile work project at Clark Dining Hall. 

ATTA JOB !!! To Wayne Lynch, Jimmy Burns, Ralph Matthews, Carl White & James Valentine for being flexible enough to flex gears at a moments notice to resolve an issue, for demonstrating what team work looks like and being able to come up with fixes and modifications that saved time and money for the Dan Allen Paving Job.

ATTA JOB !!!  To James Alexander & Stacey Duperry for the great craftsmanship and timely execution on the 1204D Paint Job in the Computer Science Department.